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Typing Careers: Which Jobs Can Students Expect with Great Typing Skills?

The biggest issue with typing careers is that they are hard to identify until you get into them. Because typing is seen as a base skill in multiple industries, it is often disregarded. But you can’t get the job in the first place without it.

Additionally, students today focus a lot on audio-visual content and hold the belief that typing is only for messages. Few realize that all of the content they see started as written sentences, only to be transferred to the screen.

As with any job, there are tiers. Being a capable typist can open your prospects to several jobs on its own. But if you are ready to learn and grow, you might find yourself in typing careers that offer very respectable pay.

Typing Careers as a Base Skill

For most communication jobs, typing is the core you build everything else around. To make a parallel to sports, it is your physical fitness, with experience, finesse, and technique all needing that fitness to be viable.

Additionally, unlike some other basic skills, typing is a very sticky skill. This means that it allows for other information, ideas, and abilities to quickly merge with your ability to type quickly and correctly.

Finally, if you are a good typist, you will feel encouraged to type often and communicate as much as possible. This alone will advance your skill and allow you to build yourself as a communication expert, leading to more profitable business options.

Easing Into Your Job

As a young typist, you won’t have a lot of opportunities simply based on your experience. But there are still options where you can ease into your profession and make enough money in the long run.

The following are examples of jobs that you can perform with your typing skill alone. For some employers, you might need to learn how to use their preferred software, but that is likely the biggest hurdle one could face.

Record Keeping

Not to be confused with bookkeeping where you will need math and economics, record keeping is the ability to find references and enter data quickly and correctly for anything that is needed.

One of the best examples of such a job is a librarian. Someone taking care of the library will need to fill forms and write notes every day. If you are good at typing, you will go a long way in such a job and enjoy doing it.

This also includes secretarial jobs. In a secretary type of role, you will need to write emails and other correspondence as well as keep detailed notes centered around the workings of the office.


Data Entry

Possibly the most mundane job for a typist, but also a potentially lucrative one. Since some data can’t be entered or processed by a computer, humans are used to write-in logs of whatever is being bought, sold, discussed, or in any other way recorded.

Most of these jobs are not salaried and you will need to negotiate your hours. But if you are fast, you might expect a significant bump in your income compared to other entry-level jobs.

Finally, it is possible to work as a data entry clerk remotely. This might increase your quality of life significantly if you are living in a less expensive region.


typing data entry       


There is a significant difference between journalism and reporting. For journalism, you will need to find a story, confirm your sources, and finally construct a viable narrative that will be clearly understood by your public. You don’t need that for reporting, but rather only the typing skill to print out what someone has said or done.

How well you will be paid here really depends on the type of company you join. If you are only required to type out press clippings and formulate them, you can be paid about $15 per hour.

But in cases where you will be tasked to collect those stories, this might increase to $20 which is already a good amount for a beginner.


Advanced Typing Careers

To enter some of the advanced typing careers, you will need to have a second viable skill to combine with your typing. In many cases, this will be the skill you have picked up at your previous typing job.

One of the most common complementary skills for typing is communication and writing. For most typists, this will develop by pure repetition. For others, reading books and listening to how people talk can help you develop a that secondary skill.

And because you are writing quickly and correctly, you can write down the same things you would otherwise say out loud.


Writing copy is easy. Writing good copy is very hard.

There are all kinds of rules and experiences that come into play when you want people to understand your writing while also being entertained and informed .

Although there are salaried jobs for copywriters, they will only be interesting for beginners as they are paid as much as entry-level jobs. When it comes to paying by the hour, you might even expect up to $30.

But, if you are willing to be paid per article, and you are good enough, your income will skyrocket. An average copywriter working this way can expect both more money and more free time.



Most successful copywriters who don’t venture into creative writing will end up as marketing writers. It can often be a stressful job and requires you to be creative, but the money is very good. Also, this job will give you a lot of opportunities to grow and learn new skills.

To become a marketing writer, you will need your articles to be able to sell products. If they do that regularly, you will never be short of job opportunities OR clients and you will have your pick for which company you want to work with.

Lastly, this is one of the best jobs for a freelancer, because it can be done remotely.


typing career writing


This might be the least profitable job in the middle tier, but it can be very fulfilling. Those who can mix their typing skill with their love of exploring stories and communicating might land a job as a written news reporter.

For those with quick typing skills, this will be an easy job. Forming the narrative in the end and writing everything down correctly is the hardest part of the job. If you can do that, your income will be secured and your job quality very high.


Master Level Typing Opportunities

These jobs are not for everyone, and you will need to work for some time before you acquire the skills needed to do them correctly. But if you combine excellent typing skills with good writing techniques and finish that with expert insight, you might be in line for some of the best jobs in the communication field.

There isn’t a cap on how much you can make, and even average incomes are quite high. But at this point, it is no longer about the money as these folks have some of the most fulfilling jobs there are.

Creative Writing

If you can type and talk, you can type out a story. Becoming a writer and finishing a book is very difficult, but there are steps you can take. Even short stories sold over Amazon can bring you remarkable income. Such a typing career is a dream for many, but requires a lot of work.

And if you can find your niche and have a regular audience for your writing there are millions in the game. Nothing is off the table, and you don’t need to be a great mystery writer to be a hit.


travel journalism

Travel Journalism

In most cases, this will pay a bit less than other professions. But the benefits are what makes this an attractive job.

If you can find someone to finance your travels because you can report what you see, your whole life will become an adventure. And you will be poised to try out photography and editing, as well as creative writing while you are on the go.

Finally, the income from this job might secure a very good retirement for you. Being a travel journalist usually doesn’t last and at some point, you might want to start a family and settle down. But at that point, you will have enough savings to retire outright, and enough energy to keep working for decades.


Public Relations Managers

When it comes to income alone, this is the type of job that takes the cake for typing careers. You might not be making as much as top-level executives, but you will have much better job security than them.

A good PR manager will usually work with very little supervision and with extended corporate benefits. You will be expected to be a good communicator, as well as a solid storyteller.

When it comes to PR, the narrative is all that matters. If you can spin stories both in advance and after the fact, you will be getting top dollar without anyone questioning if your numbers are good.

– AVERAGE PAY: $110,000/YEAR


Typing careers can be very enticing, but they are not as obvious others. Because typing is so compatible with other skills, it allows you to grow and further your career faster than most other fields.

If you are a good typist, the fact that you are talented for writing and communication might come to show and grant you a great career, not just a job. And even if you are not as communicative as others, everything you see and read might be transferred to a copy, securing you a good job.

Finally, the biggest contrast is seen between those who can type quickly and correctly and those who can’t. Not many people will indeed notice a secretary that can type correctly, but everyone will notice if they type incorrectly.

Typing careers are all about using this rather basic skill to advance yourself as a person and become the best you can be.