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Typing + Financial Education = Millionaire

Weird right? How does keyboarding have anything to do with becoming a millionaire??? But, when its used with financial education, it can be quite powerful.

Finance radio talk show guru Dave Ramsey routinely does a special hour when he has listeners call in and explain to others how they saved, invested, and now have a net worth in excess of a million dollars.

This is called millionaire theme hour. Typically these caller participants have not inherited money, but have saved and invested over decades.

A Complement to Financial Education

On May 25th, a caller (Richard) from Irvine, CA was asked what the “main thing they need to do to become a millionaire”. The caller responds “Well, the two most valuables classes I had in my career was typing, because it saved me a lot of time from hunting and pecking, and a class on the compounding of money.”

Listen to it: Millionaire tips on typing

A Very Adaptive Skill

People rarely understand how adaptive typing is as a skill. It is not just something you learn as a future carrier, but rather a cornerstone. Other skills, like writing and policy making, can build upon typing.

Financial Education is one such skill, and complemented with copy writing can make a fantastic trio. With good typing skills, you can develop writing skills more easily. Then, when you are able to make some money with writing, you can cleverly invest it.

Finally, writing blogs and explanations on good investments can be a carrier on its own. With a lot of people struggling on how to improve their fiances, being able to explain things quickly, concisely, and correctly with your financial education knowledge becomes very important.