Unique Logins + Classlink and MORE!

Exciting updates are in store for the end of this month.

We have discussed big changes to our back-end systems for a few years, changes that would improve future updates and features but simply required a lot of development time on our end. The complexity grew as we have prepared complete rewrites of a lot of code. The list of updates/changes that are happening this Summer beginning June 1-2 (in order of roll out):

  • Student and Teacher unique logins.
  • New rostering options.
  • New Keyboarding For Kids!

Student & Teacher unique logins:

Students and Teachers will be able to login with their own email (or unique username). This means students will not see class lists, they will go straight into their program. For teachers this means that they will only see the profiles, classes, students, custom lessons, schedules, etc., that they have created. This also means teachers can make a change to a setting and only affect his/her own students. In the beginning, teachers will see all information until they start creating classes/students, etc., under their own email login (because all existing classes/profiles/etc. are assigned to all teachers). This should greatly simplify the login process for students and teachers.

New Rostering Options:

We currently support rostering (class/student creation) through Clever. We will soon have OneRoster and ClassLink available as additional rostering solutions ($0).

Keyboarding For Kids Upgrade:

In an effort to make the elementary keyboarding version more appealing to younger learners, it is getting a complete new look and new navigation. The core features and functionality will not change. We hope to have this ready by the end of August (you will still have access to the existing version).