Using Pinterest, For Teachers

Ever feel like it’s hard to come up with fun and educational ideas for your classroom? You’re not alone. It’s no easy feat to make sure your students are educated properly. But even harder is maintaining their attention while doing so. However, when you consider how much material they need to get through, what can you do to infuse some fresh, creative ideas into the whole process? Well, there’s actually a platform that has over 500,000 fun and new educational ideas added to it every day. That’s why we’ll be going over using Pinterest for teachers. Let’s take a moment and see what it can do for you and your students.


Pinterest For Teachers Who Want To Liven Up Their Classroom


Why Teachers Should Use Pinterest

First things first, why should you even consider using Pinterest? The main thing is that you’ll never be at a loss for ideas in the classroom. In fact, if you go to, you’ll find thousands of pins that are directly aimed at helping educators come up with ideas for nearly every grade out there. This makes it easy to pinpoint great solutions to add to your personal classroom. No extra effort. No extra thinking. All you’ve got to do is set up a new Pinterest account, and you’ll have an endless well of fun things you can infuse into your curriculum.


What Teachers Can Do With Pinterest In The Classroom

Considering the creative nature of Pinterest, there are several ways you can use it in your class. So it’s not just limited to getting ideas, you can also use it to collaborate with students, show off great work from your class, or even curate ideas with similar teachers. Let’s see what else Pinterest can do for you.


Brainstorming And Inspiration

Brainstorming in class

One of the best and most popular reasons for using Pinterest is using it to find creative ideas. By simply making a “board,” you can create a section that’s organized around, say, reading for elementary students. Pinterest will then do the heavy lifting, and start giving you a highly visual, easy-to-view, suggested list of pins, that are loaded with great and fun ideas for you to use in your classroom.

Even better, you can save certain pins you like for later viewing. This will update the Pinterest algorithm so that similar ones are suggested. Essentially, the more you use Pinterest, the better and more accurate it will be to your needs.


Creating Reading Suggestions

Another unique way to use Pinterest is by pinning certain books you’d like them to read as well. The benefit here is that since pins are visual in nature, it’ll be easier to get your students interested in what you suggest. And that’s because you won’t just have a plain list of book suggestions on your curriculum. Instead, you can pin (and share) your books with visuals attached to them. In fact, you can share it yourself, and while your class is looking at your reading suggestions pin, you can describe the stories in an interesting way, while referencing any pinned images you have.

By doing this, you’re enhancing the interesting parts of your books, which will increase the chances your students read them.


Researching For Projects

One way to make research more interesting for students is having them create a board for their project. You can tell them to look for interesting and relevant content online, then have them pin it and add it to their board. For example, if you have a project about a historical event, you can suggest they watch Youtube videos, read blog posts, and so on, then have them pin the most informative and entertaining ones to their board. Afterward, they can even share it with the rest of the class, while conveying what they learned about said topic in the process.


Use Pinterest To Inspire Creativity In Class

This really just touches the tip of the iceberg. There are many other ways you can use Pinterest in your classroom. All you’ve got to do is take the first step, try out some of the ideas here, and then branch out based on your class and students. They’re sure to get a kick out of it. On top of which, why not make something else more interesting for them as well? They’re typing skills! You can help them get better at typing using the awesome tools only found at KeyboardingOnline today.