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Weird Computers And What Makes Them Unique

Weird computers don’t fit the mold of what’s considered normal. In fact, they can be quirky, strange, and even a little funky. But that’s what makes them so special – they offer a different experience than the standard desktop or laptop computer.

And we thought you might get a kick out of seeing how this powerful educational tool can be designed so strangely. So let’s take a look at some of the weirdest computers out there, and learn a little bit about what makes them so odd.


7 Weird Computers And What Makes Them Special


1. Intel Ottoman PC

Toilet shaped Ottoman Intel

If you’ve ever wondered what a computer would look like as a toilet, Intel has your answer. Based on the idea of using innovative technology that you could literally rest a leg on, it’s easy to see why the Intel Ottoman PC is one of the weirder computers created. What’s funny is that the president at the time, Craig Barrett, said that others, “…told me not to do it,” which makes it clear just how oddball this computer really was.


2. Holborn 9100

Old school funny shaped Holborn 9100 computer

This computer is similar in shape to the head of the alien from the movie, E.T. It was only in stock for two years before it was discontinued. After that, the company that made these went out of business entirely. It seems the design wasn’t as popular they hoped it would be, which led to the company’s demise.


3. 24k Gold MacBook Pro

24k Gold Mac laptop

What’s an easy way to make something much more expensive? Simple, by covering it in gold. This 24k Gold MacBook Pro is definitely excessive with its $30,000 price tag. Naturally, it’s not for everyone, but it does make a bold statement. And did we mention it has an Apple logo encrusted with multi-colored diamonds? They clearly went all out with this one.


4. Maingear Prysma

Pyramid shaped computer

Not many computers can claim they look like a Native American tepee. But this computer can. It was actually designed to emulate a Las Vegas casino pyramid, which would explain the flashy and unique appearance. And it even came in a range of colors, including blue, green, silver, white, black, yellow, and red. But regardless of color, it will always be that one computer that was made with a tepee aesthetic.


5. Ego For Bentley Notebook

Fancy laptop with leather casing

When a high-end luxury product maker (Ego) decides to randomly create a product with a high-end automobile company (Bentley), this is what you get. When it’s closed up, it looks exactly like an expensive, designer-brand bag. It’s literally made with luxury leather, the same kind found in a Bentley vehicle. And it came with a costly $20,000 price tag. Unsurprisingly, only 250 of these were made available for purchase.


6. GPD Pocket 2

Tiny laptop

What’s strange about this computer? It’s possibly the smallest laptop ever created. In fact, it’s so small some people may have a hard time believing it’s even a legitimate laptop. But it’s the real deal and is 100% a functional computer. It’s even possible to use it to get work done, but it’s best for people who are mobile and need to work at coffee shops and such. You might be unsure, but it really shows the potential of what a small laptop can be. And hey, maybe your young students could use it well with their smaller stature!


7. MJ’s Swarovski And Diamond Studded Notebook

Diamond studded laptop

We’ve already mentioned a few high-expense hardware’s earlier, but this one takes the cake. This is, without a doubt, the most expensive laptop ever created. With an astonishing price tag of $3.5 million dollars, most people will never even get to touch it, let alone actually own it. It’s loaded with black and white diamonds, a gold mouse, and gold detailing as well. To say it’s unique would be an understatement.


Weird Computers Aren’t Going Anywhere

There’s no doubt that computers will be with us for a long time, and they’ll also change all the time. But one thing that won’t change is the fact that they need skilled users. And these users should be adept at one major thing – typing skills!

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