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What Your Classroom Colors Say About You!

You might not think the colors you choose for your classroom have much of an impact. But you’d be surprised! The colors you use in your classroom can actually say a lot about your personality and teaching style. For example, a teacher who chooses brightly colored walls might be seen as fun and energetic, while a teacher who chooses more subdued colors might be seen as calm and collected.

So, what do your classroom colors say about you? Read on to find out!


What Your Classroom Colors Say About You!


Blue classrooms are calming and promote productivity

If you have a blue classroom, it’d say you’re a calm and collected teacher. And that you’re the type of teacher who is able to keep a cool head in any situation. Your students would feel comfortable in your classroom and feel they can come to you with their questions or concerns. Blue classrooms promote productivity and focus, so your students would be likely to get a lot of work done in your classroom!

A simple way to add blue to your classroom is to use blue accent pieces, like throw pillows, rugs, or curtains. You could also paint one wall blue or use blue patterned wallpaper.


Yellow classrooms are cheerful and optimistic

A yellow classroom radiates happiness, warmth and optimism, signifying that the teacher who presides over it is likely to possess these same qualities. They say that counteracting negative vibes with positivity makes all the difference – and clearly, this color would do just that. Your students would feel happy in your classroom and expect positive messages from you. Yellow rooms are also thought to encourage creativity, so your pupils would likely be more inventive in the classroom.

One smart way to add yellow to your classroom is by using lamps, vases, or paintings. Of course, you could also paint the walls yellow if you’d like as well.


Green classrooms encourage creativity and new ideas

A green themed room

If you have a green classroom, it probably means you’re a creative and innovative teacher. As an innovative teacher, you’re always looking for new and interesting ideas. In your classroom, students feel inspired and know their suggestions are always welcome. Green classroom decor is also well-known for its calming and soothing qualities, ensuring students are likely to be very calm in your room.

You can add more green by adding more plants to your classroom. This has the additional benefit of making your room more oxygenated and fresh.


Red classrooms are energetic and passionate

A red classroom usually signifies that the teacher is passionate and enthusiastic. You’re the type of teacher who is always on the go! Your students are intrinsically motivated in your classroom and feel comfortable approaching you for help. Red classrooms are also known for promoting excitement and energy, so your students are likely to be very excited in your classroom.

An easy way to add red to your classroom is with the simple addition of some red furniture. You can find reasonably priced red chairs and stools at many stores. Another way to add a pop of red is with some red curtains or drapes. Either way, a little bit of red can go a long way!


Purple classrooms are mysterious and suggestive

If you have a purple classroom, it probably means you’re a bit of a mystery. You’re the type of teacher who likes to keep things interesting. And you may be fond of using the element of surprise to keep your students on their toes in the best way possible. People tend to find purple classrooms relaxing and calming, so your students will likely be in a good mood while learning.

Purple tends to look great with almost any color, so you’ll rarely go wrong if you choose to use it in your classroom. Try adding purple in the form of paintings, curtains, or even rugs.


Conclusion About Classroom Colors

As you can see, the colors you choose for your classroom can say a lot about you as a teacher. So the next time you’re choosing colors for your classroom, think about the message you want to send to your students. Do you want them to feel calm and collected? Or do you want them to feel excited and enthusiastic? Choose your colors wisely!

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