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Where Can I Find Teacher Groups Online?

It is not hot news that the web is home to different social and professional communities. All social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, have outstanding, dedicated spaces for teaching professionals. These are called Teacher Groups. Some of these are open groups for everyone to join, while others are only accessible for the teaching community members. Regardless, these groups are safe, positive, and helpful spaces for teachers to communicate, connect, and share. If you’ve been searching for teacher groups, you’ll find the following list very helpful.


8 Online Teaching Groups and Communities

These eight online groups are scattered across various online platforms. Depending on which platform you are comfortable with, select a group that you like best and start interacting.


1. Facebook 


  • Teach With Tech

If you are an educator who prefers using technology for educational purposes and support mobile learning, Teach with Tech is a group with many other teachers just like you! You can share your interests with them, communicate your opinions and suggestions, and learn from each other.

Resources such as classroom websites, learning applications, Google Drive, and digital classroom devices and tools are common topics for conversation in this particular Facebook group for teachers.


  • Teacher Problems 

If you’re looking for a safe, relatable online space where you can rant and vent to share your teaching problems, Teacher Problems is an appropriate platform for you! Here, teachers from around the world gather together and vent without judgment!

You can share your struggles and communicate what frustrates you. The teachers on the group will relate and you can all come together for a rant, and even laugh together!


2. Twitter


  • #TwitterStaffroom

TES, an education resource website, created this hashtag to target teachers worldwide and tell them that they are not alone. Twitter users, specifically teachers, frequently communicate with each other, share experiences and knowledge, and have a friendly chat now and then.

You will find intellectual conversations, common problems and their discussions, and much more under this particular hashtag.


  • #PlanningShoutout

Those searching for teacher groups to find inspiration and ideas for their class should follow #planningshoutout. Under this hashtag, you will find international teachers and professionals sharing their views, suggestions, and opinions regarding teaching strategies, lesson planning, school activities, and much more! Moreover, if you have something to share and give back to the community, you can do so very easily, using the same hashtag.


  • #HomeschoolingUK

It can be incredibly challenging for teachers who educate other children while they’re homeschooling their own! The thread #homeschoolingUK provides inspiration, resources, and valuable information on the subject. Here, you’ll find answers to your questions, motivation to move forward, and ideas to improve, all under the same hashtag!


3. Instagram


  • We Are Teachers

With more than 2000 posts, over 400,000 teachers are a part of this Instagram community. What’s more, there is also a LinkedIn version connected to this account. We Are Teachers is one of the teacher groups that provides a medium for teachers to find each other and serve as major inspirations for classroom decor and lesson planning. You’ll find relatable and useful content that you can utilize to improve your skills. Plus, you will find lots of other teachers relating to the same things as you.


  • Top Teacher

Top Teacher is another Instagram account that holds an entire community of teachers together. With more than 95,000 people on this particular platform, you will find valuable resources, learning ideas, methods to gamify teaching, and classroom inspiration as well. You will also find lots of other useful stuff on the #topteacherresources hashtag. Plus, if you want to be a part of this community and share something with it, you can use the same hashtag and post content to resonate with other people following it.


  • Teachers Connect

Teachers Connect is an online platform, particularly for teachers, to connect and communicate with each other. According to their website, they believe a student’s entire future depends on the teacher. And to ensure maximum results, they think teachers can do better when they collaborate. Thus, the purpose of their existence is to provide a medium for teachers around the world to connect. This way, they believe, professionals can share information, improve themselves, and improve others simultaneously.


Join In & Start Sharing

Remember, to be a part of any online or physical community, you have to participate actively. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are exceptionally fast-moving, and if there’s something you want to add to it, you have to be fast. So, before you move to social media for such online teacher groups and communities, make sure you have enough information about the platform so that you can navigate easily. Also, ensure that you have good typing skills to keep up with active conversations. If you think you are slow, you can use KeyboardingOnline software to improve your keyboard speed.