Typing Millionaire

Learning to Type = Rich? Does learning how to type have anything to do with becoming a millionaire? Checkout this podcast cut from Dave Ramsey’s financial education podcast where this individual attributes a large part of his financial success in life to two big things:1) Typing2) Financial literacy class where he learned the power of […]

Teacher Manager – Getting Started

Step 1 – Create a Class When you want to create a new class you will click on the “+ Create New Class” button at the top right of the classes section. Once clicked a pop up will appear asking you to name the new class. Click OK to continue. If you are wanting to […]

Syncing with Blackboard

Keyboarding Online has the ability to sync your Blackboard courses and students with Keyboarding Online. This means that you can easily create your students inside Keyboarding Online and keep them updated through out the course. The other benefit is that students will be able to sign into the program with Blackboard. No need to worry […]

Timing Options

Timing Options will give you the control of how many errors the students can make on a timing. In this example, all of the 15 second timings are allowed 0 Errors, no corrections allowed. Meaning the students can’t use backspace, delete, or arrow keys to make changes. Timing Length: Controls the settings for different Timing […]

Effort Goal Report

Our Goal Effort Report allows you to set daily and weekly effort goals for the students to reach. Goal Effort- You can set the number of hours and minutes either per daily and weekly goals that the students should meet. In the example above we can see that the Effort Goal Report looks much like […]

Instructor List

The Instructor List displays all of the teachers that have access to the program. If you are an admin, you will be able to add new instructors to the program, remove old instructors, and edit the username and password of existing instructors. When adding a new instructor, you will need to add their school email […]

Restoring Data for Synced Students

Syncing makes the account creation and login process easier for both students and teachers. Usually that means students just need to click a button and they are instantly logged in; no passwords to remember, no webpages to visit. There are problems, however, that can arise from using syncing or rostering via 3rd party platforms. This […]


In the classes tab, you can see all of the classes created by you or your school admin. You will also be able to see all of the students created by you or your school admin. Creating a class will be the first step in creating a course for your students. Class Details After you […]

How to Create A Student File

In the teacher manager select Users and then select Create Students Once you have selected Create Students you will be brought to the following screen. Each field is required except for the Email Address. If left empty, a username will be generated for the student file. Select the class you would like your student assigned […]

Ten Key Mastery – Student Guide

Our Ten Key Mastery Program may look a bit different from our other programs, but the principals of the program are the same. Type as efficiently as you can in the time allotted. Please note that a Ten Key pad is REQUIRED in order to get scores in this course. Ten Key Mastery Dashboard The Ten Key […]