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Ideas for a Paperless Classroom

Do you remember the last time you used a pen and paper to pay your bills, buy groceries, or order food? Chances are, you do everything online or through a mobile app. Why not bring that same convenience to the classroom? A paperless classroom reduces or eliminates paper use in daily instruction and student work. While it might

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Available Careers for Educators

Have you ever wondered what other careers for educators are available to you? Teaching elementary students is a gratifying profession, but there is a world of opportunities beyond the traditional classroom walls. Just like the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the field of education is continuously adapting and growing, offering an abundance of new possibilities for dedicated professionals like

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Ideas for Tracking Student Progress

Ever wondered how you can better track your student’s progress? As educators, we understand it’s essential. Tracking progress helps us pinpoint strengths, weaknesses, and learning gaps, enabling us to provide targeted support and enhance overall academic achievement. In today’s fast-paced educational world, staying on top of our student’s growth is more important than ever. But how can we

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Setting up a Google Classroom Account and How to Use it

Are you a teacher looking for a way to simplify your teaching process and make it easier to connect with your students, no matter where they are? Look no further than Google Classroom. This online platform is a valuable tool that allows you to create a virtual classroom where your students can access assignments, announcements, and resources from

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How to Support Stressed Out Students

If you’re a teacher who is seeing students struggle to cope in class, then you’re not alone. Unfortunately, it’s typical for children to enter school with emotional and physical strain from home and the pressure of academic work, making them stressed out students. Maximizing the potential of every student in your classroom starts with cultivating a supportive environment.

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Time Saving Tips for Teachers

As a teacher, you know how precious time is. With so many tasks to complete and classes to teach, finding the time you need for lesson planning, assessment, and other duties can be challenging. Fortunately, there are several strategies that you can use to save yourself some valuable time each day. In this blog post, you’ll learn ideas

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