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Documenting Student Progress Using Video

It’s no secret technology has changed the way we live and learn. With video cameras on every phone, it’s easier than ever to document our lives. But what about documenting student progress? Is that something that could help you as an elementary school teacher? The answer is yes! In fact, using video to document student progress can be

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Having Students Govern Themselves Through Classroom Rules

An important part of growing up is learning to govern oneself. This is a skill that will serve your students well throughout their lives. And If your students learn to govern themselves with classroom rules, they’ll be better prepared to handle the challenges and responsibilities they’ll face in the future. But how can students govern themselves? Well, that’s

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Student Interests And How To Incorporate Them Into Learning

What’s a simple way to make your classroom more interesting for students? Add in elements of their own interests! When you do this, you’ll not only make them more engaged in the material, but also help them learn more effectively. They’ll certainly be more likely to remember what they’re learning if it’s something that they’re passionate about. So

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Teaching Students About The Internet

The #1 tool we have access to today is the internet. It’s a constant in our lives and it’s only getting more pervasive. As educators, we have to make sure our students are using this tool in the right way. After all, the internet can be a great tool for learning. But it can also be a huge

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Virtual Education And Teacher Tools: How To Use Technology

Are you an elementary teacher looking for ways to improve your virtual education game? You’re in luck! There’s plenty you can do to make sure you’re using technology to its fullest so your student’s get the best education possible. All you need is a little know-how and some great teacher tools. So in this post, we’ll explore different

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