Features and Updates

ClassLink Sync

Keyboarding Online is a certified partner of ClassLink. This means you can add the Keyboarding Online app in your ClassLink Dashboard. This is a district level sync. We will create class and student lists based upon the information shared. Single Sign-on is also supported. Helpful Hints Only share the classes

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Do you accept returns?

We do accept book returns in some cases. Returns… will be accepted if the book wasn’t opened. must be free of any bookstore pricing stickers or markings. will be accepted if the access code hasn’t been scratched off. may be subject to a 5-10% restocking fee.  Any access codes that

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Importing Custom Lessons

We actually allow you to import the lesson directly within our program to the desired application. Step 1: To do this you will need to create a new Lesson name within the application that you want the new lesson in.Step 2: Once the name is set, you will see the

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Live Student Monitor

This is called our Live Student Monitor, and it is a great feature that has been requested many times. We have even made it super simple to use. To use this feature your students will need to be logged in, and you will need to be logged into the Teacher

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Creating and Assigning Tests

To create a test you will first need to go into the Course Curriculum tab within the teacher manager, and then select Tests. Once here you will need to select Create New Test in the top right of your screen and give it a name. Now you should see a

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March 2020 COVID Update

Keyboarding Online has been watching the news like all other businesses, and with our own children in the school systems, we are well aware of some of the latest difficulties educating students. We at Keyboarding Online have been thinking about how we could support an increasing number of students working

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google classroom

Google Classroom Syncing

Google Classroom Syncing is now live inside the Teacher Manager! We have been working on this feature the past few months and are happy it is now available to all schools that use this feature. Benefits of Google Classroom Syncing This feature brings with it another way to create your

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January 2020 New Features, New Look!

We have a lot go over here, and we hope your new semester is off to a great start! We know we surprised many of you with our new site. So here is an overview of new features to look for: NEW Website NEW Keyboarding for Kids NEW Error Checker NEW

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Keyboarding Motivation

Keyboarding Motivation: The Basics

Let’s all admit it: typing is no fun. It is not fun to copy text for minutes at a time, and can be quite frustrating if you make mistakes and have to repeat it all over again. So, how can we provide some keyboarding motivation for our students and pupils

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